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ReDefine Perfection | Rebecca Bass Ching

(re) Define Perfection: Summer Camp Intensive

(re) Define Perfection:

Choosing flexibility over rigidity

When: TBD

Loc: Potentia Family Therapy, Inc – 3160 Camino del Rio S #310

Cost: $800

Perfection is a seductive way to try to chase away feelings of shame, inadequacy, and the fear of being misunderstood. In truth, perfection is not about excellence, constructive competition or a trait to be admired. Instead, perfection fuels scarcity mindset, shame and the fear of failure – which all keep you from showing up in life, exhausted and frustrated. This workshop will help you get clear on the dangers of a life lived striving for perfection along with how to implement daily life practices to help build the resilience and courage needed to show up in life with both boundaries and an open heart.

(re) Define Perfection will involve brief didactic teaching, group discussion and plenty of time to reflect and process new learnings. You will create your own (re) Define Perfection workshop journal – which you will customize to reflect your own struggles with perfection, shame, failure, procrastination, boundaries and more. Utilizing Brené Brown’s book The Gifts of Imperfection and other research on perfection, boundaries and brain science – you will walk away with specific practices you can gently start to incorporate into your life. These practices will help you enjoy life, finish projects and quiet to noise between your ears.

This intensive is a substantive learning experience which will positively impact your life personally and professionally. Each participant will experience customized food, supplies and artifacts to meet their unique preferences.

If you have PPO Insurance, please contact Rebecca to discuss reimbursement options. For MFT Students, hours can count towards group therapy based on workshop size.

About Your Facilitator

 I’m Rebecca Bass-Ching, LMFT, MFC #44584, Certified Daring Way TM Facilitator+Consultant and Director of Potentia Family Therapy. I present this work because it’s made such an enormous difference in my own life, personally and professionally. I’ve become a better wife, mom, friend, and clinician because of my exposure to Brené Brown’s research.

I’ve dealt with my share of shame and pain, too. I spent much of my life in fear of being found out. I hid behind the masks of perfection and people pleasing. I knew how to work hard; I was smart, I had a big heart. (Still do.) Growing up, I was told I shouldn’t get too big for my britches and when I dared to dream big and use my voice, I was shot down. And the echos of the hurts of those seasons stayed with me for a long time. Doing my own work around shame unearthed the remnants needed to help me in my own therapeutic journey. I look at my story — the parts filled with darkness, the pain, the disconnection I lived with at times — and I’m grateful this work helped me name something that needed to be named: shame.

Today, I’m loving life more than I ever have. (Not saying I have a perfect life, but I don’t need one in order to be joyful — and neither do you.) I see clients respond favorably to shame resilience work by taking the head knowledge they develop from this work and put it into action is ways that are meaningful to their story and goals.